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TechTiger: Google Voice Search Optimisation
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Google Voice Search

The tech giants of this world are investing significant amounts of time and money into ‘smart speaker’ devices. These smart speaker products come pre-programmed with digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and also Alexa. Google Home arrived on Australian shores first, followed by Apple HomePod and more recently, Amazon Echo on March 1, 2018. As a result, Google voice search is most popular among Aussie consumers. Voice search optimisation is now a crucial step when creating digital content, and TechTiger is an early adopter.

Trends suggest that voice search technology is here to stay. While Amazon is a new addition to Australia, Black Friday saw millions of smart speaker devices sold in America.

The Echo Dot, Echo and also¬†Echo Plus, all feature Alexa, and tie directly into the recently launched Australian Amazon website. What’s impressive is the affordability of these smart speakers, retailing at $59, $119 and $199 respectively!

The success of Google Assistant, Alexa and also Siri indicates that uptake of digital assistants and voice search is set to increase. It’s only a matter of time before Amazon’s introduction to the Australian market impacts Aussies retailers. In America, Walmart harnesses Google voice search and tech analysts believe that ordering products using digital assistants is the future retail.

This change in consumer behavior has implications for your business.

How can my business leverage Google voice search?

Existing SEO strategy is focused around keywords. TechTiger selects keywords based on business goals, searcher intent, volumes, competition and also efficiency. The new way of SEO is to think about how people actually talk. Giving searchers the exact result they are looking for by directly answering their questions can result in targeted visitors who find your content relevant.

Google’s question answering snippets are a classic example of voice search. Below is an example of TechTiger client Fire Training, Services & Equipment WA:

TechTiger: Google Voice Search Optimisation Example -

What is the benefit of voice search optimisation?

In this example, asking Google Home “What are workplace emergency response procedures?” results in Google Assistant reading the definition above. Directly answering a question is of great use to potential customers and adopting voice search optimisation principles may also assist with driving conversions.

Feel free to reach out and talk to TechTiger about how to tailor your web presence to cater for the rise of voice technology.

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