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Project Description
  • January 24, 2019

In the final throws of 2018, WA Property Developers went live to the public – an architecture web design with a focus on the company’s unique selling propositions. Thanks to Dan and Ben for the timeframe, it was great opportunity to launch such a great looking website so close to the Christmas break.

TechTiger is proud to create a comprehensive digital marketing solution and architecture web design for WAPD.

Website project objectives include:

  • Create a defining look and feel for the website that assists with portraying comfort, transparency, confidence, trust, peace of mind and reassurance.
  • Aim the site at astute investors and couples with comfortable incomes.
  • To serve as a marketing solution and point of contact for existing and potential customers.
  • Utilise a black and white colour palette in a sophisticated architecture web design theme.
  • Communicate why investors should choose WA Property Developers, including:
    • The all-encompassing one-stop investment property construction service
    • Personalised approach and transparency of the overall process
    • Expert management and single point of contact from start to finish
    • Why it makes sense to build in Western Australia
  • Receive ongoing support, hosting and professional advice from TechTiger.
  • Create authority and visibility using white-hat Search Engine Optimisation techniques

About the architecture web design project

WA Property Developers attract new clients through word of mouth referrals and more importantly, with engaging social media marketing. This millennial driven approach to social media marketing required some reinforcement, enter TechTiger’s digital marketing and architecture web design solution.

WAPD are:

WA Property Developers are in a niche market, and provide investors with an Australian first; a direct link for investment property construction between the Eastern states and Western Australia. This is what makes WAPD different and TechTiger’s advanced copywriting services portrays this with a classy piece of architecture web design.

About the client

Dan is incredibly passionate about residential design and construction. With his mix of exemplary skills, it made sense for him to start up his own investment property development company.

Architecture web design

Check out the project:

Live Preview