Our Work - WRX Club WA


Project Description
  • December 18, 2020

WRX Club WA is a group of likeminded car enthusiasts. The committee run an entertaining social, motor sport, driver training and club championship calendar. Social events include cruises, barbecues, spectating at major motor sport events, static car displays and other interesting events for car enthusiasts. WRX Club WA is Motorsport Australia affiliated, which allows the club to run professional motorsport events at locations all over WA.

The WRX Club WA committee  identified technological improvements to drive the club forward. Upgrades to the website at wrxclubwa.com.au were envisaged to achieve better outcomes for existing club members, prospective club members and the committee alike.

Enhancing the look and feel of wrxclubwa.com.au to fall in line with newly created graphic design elements was a high priority, as was improving mobile/tablet user friendliness. An improved membership system with recurring yearly renewals and an easier way to manage the event sign-up process was also a high priority. The semi-automation of processes has enhanced the existing and prospective member user experience, while also reducing workload on committee members. Future scope includes eCommerce facilities for club merchandise and the website was built with this vision in mind.

Site content such as blogs were merged into the new website to achieve a seamless end result. The website also uses a Facebook photo gallery, which means the committee do not need to double up on photo uploads.

Objectives identified by the client and TechTiger:

  • Create a thematic design for the website that adheres to the club colours and style guide
  • Adhere to the existing WRX Club WA branding and identity
  • Portray professionalism, while being helpful, friendly, honest, vivid, neat and user friendly
  • Aim the site at existing and prospective WRX owners
    • Without alienating non-WRX driving Subaru fans and general motoring enthusiasts
  • Connect with likeminded WRX fans at the grass-roots level
  • Convert website visits into new memberships, renewals and event registrations
  • A simple and effective layout that promotes ease-of-use
  • Call-to-action statements that encourage engagement with the club
  • Clearly communicate:
    • Why recent purchasers of a WRX should sign up (club benefits)
    • Availability of new memberships
    • Ability to easily renew an existing membership
    • Event calendar, registration and payment
    • Blog and gallery to showcase previous events
    • Standard club info such as About Us, News and Committee Contacts
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