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Off the Trax

Project Description
  • December 18, 2020

The Wilson family of four are fun loving and all share a passion for outdoor adventure. Stephen “Willow” Wilson is 4WD obsessed and loves going off road to find the best locations Australia can offer. Willow is not only the team driver, he’s also resident comedian and quad copter drone pilot. Ally enjoys her coey/navigator duties, loves snapshotting precious travel memories on camera, and is the brains trust for business development and marketing. Animal enthusiast, Miss 9, and daredevil, Master 7, don’t miss any of the action and eagerly clamber along for each ride. Together, the Wilson family are collective known as Off the Trax.

The digital age allows outdoor adventure, 4WD and camping enthusiasts to immerse themselves in Off the Trax’s photographic journalism and underlying authentic brand message. Ally decided to better monetise Off the Trax by harnessing and building upon a devoted group of 25,000+ social media followers. It was envisaged that an enhanced web presence and eCommerce functionality will not only promote Off the Trax’s roof rack hinge, but also better place the business in a position of industry influence. This reputation may assist Off the Trax with luring an influx of targeted website visitors, brand ambassador deals, affiliate marketing opportunities and inspire more families to engage with the Australian outdoors.

The objectives identified

In collaboration with Loukas Law, TechTiger identified key areas and objectives:

  • Create a thematic look and enhanced aesthetic appeal for the website
  • Apply Off the Trax branding and logo as designed by a third party
  • Create a relaxed and informal look for the website with a focus on quality and honesty
  • Communicate experience and an intricate understanding of travel destinations, 4WDing and camping equipment
  • Provide an excellent resource and index of information for 4WDers and campers
  • Lure brand ambassador / sponsor deals and affiliate marketing opportunities
  • Serve as a marketing solution and point of contact for Off the Trax
  • Simple access to website sections, facilitating ease-of-use
    • Particularly with visual representation, using a map of Australia for travel destinations
  • Implement clear call-to-action statements, encouraging users to purchase a product, engage directly, or follow Off the Trax on social media
  • Provide a list of travel destinations alphabetically arranged and categorised by state
  • Communicate that Off the Trax are not just ‘lappers’ having lived and explored in various states of Australia
  • Convey a personal approach; Off the Trax content and products are ‘for the people’
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