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How to choose a password

Online security is super important. Make sure you protect yourself from a potential scam. Increase your password strength and also use a secure mail server that requires authentication.

A highly valued TechTiger client recently had to involve a banking fraud squad to resolve a situation where scammers issued hoax invoices using his identity. An unsuspecting Accounts Payable team member paid the hoax invoice, into a bank account owned by the scammers.

The scammers registered a email address and also configured the email settings to make it look as if the emails were being sent by the client’s official email address. Furthermore, the scammers adjusted the Reply-To email header setting to ensure any responses from the client’s customers would arrive at the email address.

Another grey area is the lack of authentication required to send emails using the client’s email address. If you don’t need a password to send an email, then what good is password strength?

A truly unfortunate occurrence that can happen to anyone, especially given the easy access to company information on the world-wide-web. Even skimming through this website, you know that my name is Andy Jones, the clients I service, my suburb and my phone number. Being a tech-guy, I don’t even use password remembering services, and I always ensure my passwords strength is high.

Enhance your password strength

TechTiger recommends the use of super-secure passwords. If a password generator is available, then use it for password strength! Otherwise:

  1. Please steer away from using names of your partner, children, grandchildren, parents, home town
  2. Use a good mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters is a helpful start
    • Two special characters at minimum, e.g. !<>,.{}[]%$#&
  3. Aim for a minimum of 10 characters in your password

Here is a fantastic article from Lifewire regarding password creation.

Go ahead and enhance your password strength. Update your passwords for your online accounts.

Secure mail server

As for a secure mail server, TechTiger email hosting is a step in the right direction; is very helpful.

In order to send an email, TechTiger’s hosting server requires authentication. In other words, the server needs to know your username and password to send an email.

If you’ve got questions on password strength, or if you’d like TechTiger to host your email then contact us today.


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