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This poor neglected blog!

It’s been way too long between posts. This blog has been neglected since March, that’s nine months of inactivity! While things at TechTiger are hectic, there is no excuse for skipping blog posts. We offer search engine optimisation Perth businesses can opt for to assist with attracting business leads.

TechTiger proactively assists clients with improving their search engine authority using various methods including periodic blog posts, upgrades and link building. Contact TechTiger today for web design and SEO services.

Recent projects: Search Engine Optimisation Perth

Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas: A Web Design Project by TechTiger - Search Engine Optimisation Perth

We are very proud to launch – a professional plumbing themed website design. It’s a pleasure to work with the super-organised and professional team at @jewelbicplumbing.

Building Cost Estimator: A Web Design Project by TechTiger - Search Engine Optimisation Perth

Momentum has been steady, with the launch of – a building themed landing page. Thanks again to Ryan Smith for his constant word of mouth referrals.

Perth Graphics Installations: A Web Design Project by TechTiger - Search Engine Optimisation Perth

Yet another example of search engine optimisation Perth businesses can refer to is This project is also a fine example of striking web design and graphical flair. Thanks to Michael for his patience while this site gradually builds a strong reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

Element Plumbing and Gas - Search Engine Optimisation Perth - A Project by TechTiger

Very proud to push this project into production. Probably the largest copywriting project to date, with a unique personal tone. Thanks to Brad at for his guidance and encouragement.

Trademark Tiling - Search Engine Optimisation Perth - Project by TechTiger

Here is a brand new digital transformation campaign for Todd and his family business at What an absolute pleasure it is to collaborate with a good friend!

Don’t neglect your blog!

It’s important to stay up to date with your blog. It’s even more important to share engaging and relevant content with your target audience. Don’t put your web content in the too hard basket, stay proactive and stay focused.

After all, 62% of users click on an organic result. It’s a proven fact that end users want to view content that appears on the first page of search engine results, because of merit, not because it’s a paid listing.

Contact TechTiger today for Search Engine Optimisation Perth.

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