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It’s a sign! First launch for 2019

After a lot of gumption, TechTiger is proud to launch a website for Programmed Property Services’ marketing team.

The Corporate Imaging team at Programmed sell a unique product called eCORE – a modular sign system. As a courtesy to the marketing team at Programmed, here is a blog post discussing eCORE modular aluminium sign systems vs competitor custom signage.

eCORE Signage Systems vs competitor custom signage

The eCORE product is essentially a custom sign and does everything you’d expect a custom sign solution to do. However, the flexibility and cost efficiency of a modular sign system is what customers benefit from in the long term.

Why are eCORE Modular Aluminium Sign Systems more cost effective?

The bottom line is that eCORE signage is more cost efficient to maintain and change. If a custom sign is out of date, damaged by the elements or even vandalised, the entire sign will need to be replaced.

Compare this to the convenience of the eCORE modular sign system where only a single panel may need to be replaced instead of the entire sign.

The advantages of Modular Aluminium Sign Systems

eCORE sign panels can be used in tandem with existing building structures and the built environment. As a result, you can use eCORE for free standing signs or wall mounted signs.

Multiple panels can be combined to create single or double sided signs. Your sign can be customised even further by adding blades to available fixing points. This combines the convenience of a modular sign system with the flexibility of individual creativity.

Your imagination can help to create other display formats. eCORE modular aluminium sign systems can also be configured to form cantilevered or suspended signs.

You can enhance the design aesthetic even further by highlighting the frame in your brand colour.

All while providing modularity through the convenience of a standard product family grid. You can arrange panels in landscape or portrait orientation for both internal signage and external signage projects.

Contact eCORE today for Modular Aluminium Sign Systems

Save money and improve your bottom line by replacing only a single panel instead of an entire sign. Contact Programmed Property Services today to discover the convenience of eCORE.

Or check out the website

Check out eCORE Signage Systems.

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