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TechTiger: Tempest Rising website launch
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TechTiger Websites Rock 🤘💙🐯

A professional collaboration has resulted in the production of a sensational and also thematic musician digital marketing campaign. The WordPress web design is enhanced with a membership loyalty system, MailChimp email marketing functionality and also web hosting services.

Who are Tempest Rising?

TechTiger: WordPress Web Design for Tempest Rising. Photo by Dark Spirit Photography

Photo courtesy of Dark Spirit Photography.

From left to right:

  • Matty James – drums
  • James Ward-Armstrong – guitar
  • Vin Trikeriotis – vocals
  • Jarrad Cracknell – bass
  • Daniel James – guitar and backing vocals

Tempest Rising deliver blistering live shows with a heavy and also original groove metal sound. The band has toured the world, sharing the stage with Arch EnemySevendustDrowning PoolApocalypticaTraptSaliva and more.

2018 will see the release of the band’s sophomore album and another world tour, this time through Europe.

Tempest Rising Releases

  • 2018: Singularity – single
  • 2016: A Part of Me – single
  • 2015: Know My Name – single
  • 2014: Transmutation – album

TechTiger WordPress Web Design

TechTiger provide WordPress web design, email marketing and also web hosting services to Tempest Rising. Thanks to a simplified and also customised administrator role, the band maintain website content.

Search Engine Optimisation and also ongoing content management is superfluous to Tempest Rising’s requirements. The band’s official website serves as a means of rewarding loyal fans. Having said that, some simple keyword strings exist in the title tags to also attract promoters and bookers.

The Outcome

Band members, fans and also the general public appreciate this thematic example of WordPress web design. Here’s an excerpt from a testimonial given by Vin Trikeriotis:

“I run two businesses and after getting my first webpage designed and managed by Andy from TechTiger it was a no-brainer to get the second done with him as well. He is a consummate professional. Understanding, patient, a well of knowledge and a friendly, approachable person. Having no previous knowledge on webpages and … management I now am confident in my abilities thanks to Andy and TechTiger!”

The Benefits of WordPress Web Design

While ongoing services such as Search Engine Optimisation and also Google AdWords can require the oversight of a digital marketing professional, website content updates can be carried out by business owners. WordPress is flexible and allows business owners to easily update website content on the fly, as business changes occur and also as goals shift. Just make sure you’ve got adequate training and also a secure password!

Therefore, contact TechTiger today for WordPress web design, training, advice and also guidance.

What’s the connection?

TechTiger is a proud supporter of the Perth local music scene and met Temest Rising in 2013. The photo below depicts a collaboration you probably do not know about. There might also be a video of this performance floating around somewhere.

Tempest Rising ft. Andy Jones of TechTiger

Tempest Rising ft. Andy Jones of TechTiger. Photo courtesy of Mafiia McCool Photography.



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