Google Remarketing Perth + Facebook Remarketing

Reasons to choose TechTiger’s services for Google Remarketing Perth

Constant reminders

A visitor just left your website and didn’t make a purchase or enquiry. Don’t worry, remarketing will put your business back in front of their eyes.

High exposure

Just like billboards in the city; your products, services and brand will be seen on the busiest streets of the web, such as eBay or Facebook.

Google Display Network

Re-advertise your products, services and branding elements to those who abandoned your website via the Google Display Network or Facebook.

Remarket and convert

Cleverly designed advertisements and calls-to-action help to re-engage and convert those visitors who abandoned your website.

Persistence is the key

The key to Remarketing success is persistence. Your advertisements will frequently reappear in the Google Display Network or Facebook, daily, weekly, etc.

Can be used in apps

Remarketing isn’t restricted to websites, you can remarket via the Google Display Network and Facebook to potential customers who are using your app.

Need a stronger understanding?

Watch this Google Display Network video, or contact us to discuss further.

In a nutshell, Google Remarketing is a method of connecting with visitors to your website who didn’t make a purchase or enquiry. Google Remarketing positions targeted ads in front of potential customers who previously visited your website, as they browse the internet.

In the case of Facebook, subtle or very direct reminders can be put in front of previous website visitors to encourage action!

The billboards of the internet will display your branding and advertising in a similar fashion to the side of a building.

What are the costs?

TechTiger will charge an ongoing monthly fee to manage your Remarketing campaign. This does not include your Google or Facebook media spend.

Media spend can be discussed with TechTiger as part of your needs analysis.

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