SEO Perth

Reasons to use our SEO & SEM Services

Collaboration is key

We work with you to select product, service, industry-based and niche keywords that apply to your core business offerings.

Measure performance

TECHTIGER provides a report each month to demonstrate the performance of your website. We track rankings, visits and conversions.

Grow quickly using Ads

Google Ads campaigns help generate immediate rankings on brand new websites, while organic rankings build credibility in the long term.

Best practices approach

Your selected keywords are then integrated into a potent and overarching website strategy. Google and Bing do like TECHTIGER websites!

Proactive and tenacious

It’s not a simple case of set and forget. TECHTIGER SEO is an ongoing pursuit of building and sustaining healthy rankings.

Geographical location

Target visitors from a certain city or state to pull in more relevant website visitors. Improve return on investment, reduce acquisition costs.

Set goals

We establish what success looks like and then track the conversions. Whether it be a product purchase, or a simple request for a brochure.

Organic and sponsored reach

Our campaigns use organic SEO techniques. Bolt-on sponsored SEM (Google Ads) to ensure your website has maximum reach.

Happy birthday

We will celebrate your website’s birthday and bring a cake! Just like family milestones, we also cherish mutual business success!

SEO Perth – The Proof

To see a real world example of TECHTIGER SEO in action, click on the button below to perform a Google search for “Children’s Birthday Cakes Perth”.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see Avanti Cakes listed on page one.

TechTiger: SEO Perth for Avanti Cakes.