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Project Description
  • May 6, 2019

It’s been a while since TechTiger celebrated a launch! In fact, this is the first launch for 2019. Very proud to push this corporate website design (ecoresignagesystems.com) into production. Thanks to Su-Mei and Soojin in the Property Services marketing team at Programmed for their hard work!

It was a pleasure to redesign and redevelop the eCORE site. Programmed had been getting by with only a desktop version of their website. This TechTiger WordPress driven masterpiece is responsive and provides an easy experience for users on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices. Not only that, it’s a first class piece of corporate website design.

Website project objectives include:

  • Portraying eCORE as a hi-tech and superior product.
  • Assist with generating quality business leads.
  • To serve as a marketing and technical resource for existing and potential customers. 
  • Clearly communicate the unique selling propositions of eCORE products.
  • Receive ongoing support, hosting and professional advice from TechTiger. 
  • Create authority and visibility using white-hat Search Engine Optimisation techniques for Australian and New Zealand search engines
  • An upgraded ‘responsive’ interface for ease-of-use on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. Eliminate the need for pinching, prodding and zooming.
  • Create well organised, simple access to all website sections, facilitating ease-of-use.
  • Utilise clear calls-to-action, to encourage users to engage Programmed.
  • Clearly communicate what eCORE Signage Systems is about.

About this corporate website design project

Programmed Property Services attract new eCORE customers through their Corporate Imaging sales team and word of mouth referrals. Programmed wish to bolster their marketshare through the implementation of a re-energised digital marketing campaign that focuses on improvements to user experience, search engine presence and communication of eCORE product advantages.

About the client

Since 2012, Programmed Property Services has been providing high quality customisable signage systems to customers in Australia and New Zealand. eCORE signage systems are implemented for various industry sectors including education, healthcare, aged care, building, retail and corporate. Projects range from wayfinding signage for schools, through to directional signage for high-rise buildings.

The eCORE product is ideal for and assists with:

Furthermore, the eCORE product is a modular sign system.

Corporate website design

Check out the project:

Live Preview