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Tempest Rising

Project Description
  • March 27, 2018

What a super fun and intrinsically motivating project! TechTiger is proud to deliver an awesome new band website design for Tempest Rising. 

About the client

Tempest Rising is one of Australia’s most unique and also individual alternative metal acts. The band blend hard hitting groovy riffs, soaring choruses, fast paced thrash driven verses and also trademark lead vocals. Vin’s incredible voice is often compared to the likes of Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden).

Like most bands, Tempest Rising happily rely upon social media for promotional activity. Their tens-of-thousands of social media followers receive regular announcements about live shows, music releases and also developments through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube et al. The band website design is the next step in professionalism, and provides an informative online press kit for promoters, bookers and also fans alike. A membership system is implemented to improve fan loyalty by offering discounted tickets to shows, members only merchandise, members only discounted merchandise, early access to new songs and also the latest news.

The road ahead is busy for the band, with a new album and also an international tour on the cards for 2018. This is the band’s second international tour, and after two successful Australian tours, the band looks forward to adventures abroad. The band’s hard work sees them share the stage with internationally acclaimed artists including Arch Enemy, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Apocalyptica, Trapt, Saliva and more!

Thanks to the local Perth music scene for this invaluable business opportunity.

Band website design objectives include:

  • Portray professionalism
  • Build fans
  • Grow website membership and email database
  • Prompt fans about upcoming shows and tours
  • Provide access to band and individual band member social media
  • Display multimedia galleries (videos and photos)
  • Provide access to latest news, interviews and reviews
  • and also link fans to merchandise sale website(s)

More info about the band website design

TechTiger can produce such amazing outcomes for Tempest Rising thanks to the incredible photography from the likes of:

Check out the website:

Live Preview